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Another successful BBN meeting 28th January 2011

Meeting  review 28th February 2011

Another light hearted but valuable meeting at the longlands and once the serious business of ordering breakfast is out of the way the group relaxed into the success stories session. Good news about business in general or sucessful business done between members or from previous referals.

To our astonishment Chairman (chairperson) Marcus, has prepared an agenda following a rather expensive bottle selection malfunction in the wine rack last night, and accidentally printed the agenda in colour. To say that preparing a black and white agenda is a rarety a colour one is the equivalent to rocking horse hhh hhm..and must be the result of more than just a glass of wine or two.

The meeting continued with a succession of 60 second adverts from the memebers explaining their business and requests for today. 60 seconds is only the name of the slot and often not the time taken to deliver such elequant speaches! To those of you unfamiliar with this type of group, you generally describe your business and what or who you are looking to do business with and often being specific about a target business helps others provide the required information. It’s amazing who people know!

Breakfast was enjoyed by all, but the dissapointment on the face of Pete was clear to see as only Jam was available this morning and not the usual ‘pouring marmalade’ of chinese or other origin.

An interesting group discussion then took part on the topic of ‘business planning’, following the visit to an event by Marcus and Julian on Thursday. This prompted some interesting debate in a vital area of any business often ignored. Many businesses do not plan and ratehr than working on the business to develop growth and strategy many business owners find themselves working longer and longer hours for smaller reward. A topic i’m sure we will revisit soon. Fail to plan- plan to fail!

Time was pressing today and a number of referals and hints were passed round the group which Paul recorded in an exercise book! the meeting came to a close and the second most important item on the agenda, date of the next group social, unfortunately will have to be discussed at our next meeting 4th February 2011.

If you think you’d like to attend then please contact for a personal invitation.

Friday, January 28th, 2011

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